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IBN-Sina College Of Nursing & Health Sciences

The Campus of the College is situated at Ompora Budgam   near the Railway Station in a peaceful atmosphere for learning and assimilation.  The Campus is easily approachable/ connectable by road transportation as well as by railway connectivity.  The College is about o5 Kms away from Srinagar Airport. The Campus as well as building has ample/ sufficient   space, natural light and ventilation.  The Campus is picturesque and charming with all basic facilities/amenities. A well developed/ specialized  Hospital(parent Hospital) under the name and style “IBN SINA Hospital “is located in the vicinity of the College Campus. 

                     The Management is committed to  provide conceptual knowledge through highly qualified and experienced staff, rich and updated Library, modernized Computer Laboratory and practical knowledge in well-equipped and furnished Laboratories.

IBN-Sina College Of Nursing & Health Sciences

Missin, Vision & Motto


To create an excellence in nursing education to change lives, provide proactive leadership in the field, innovative and excellent knowledge and health care by way of facilitating best, latest and modernized medi-care facilities. Uplift the nursing profession to heights.  


ü  *To create a world that works for every one with no one and nothing left out, bringing about a transformation in the quality education.

ü  *Disseminating nursing skill & knowledge.

ü  *Sharing leadership through service to the communities.     

ü  *Provide help to the poor and needy people/patients as and when required.

ü  *Foster teaching, learning and discovery, responsibility and adaptability to change.

ü  *Provide quality education in nursing discipline to enable them earn livelihood not only in our own Country but also in foreign countries as well, with high sense of dignity & honor.

ü  *To inculcate in the students sense of leadership to enable them to excel in nursing field and also     become best students to deliver the goods and offer best services.  

ü  *To respect all equally and compassionately with care and dignity.


“Service to Humanity “